Covid Safe Deliveries

The health and safety of our staff and customers is our number one priority.

We have implemented additional health and safety procedures to support our staff and customers, including:

Delivery rescheduling – during the planning phase, if the customer is uncomfortable allowing our staff to enter their premises, the delivery will be rescheduled and postponed to a more appropriate time.

Call on approach – our staff will call ahead and confirm that they are able to enter the premises safely. If there is any reason to suspect risk of exposure to COVID-19 or if you are unwell, the delivery will be rescheduled to an alternative time.

Hygiene – we have provided our staff with additional hygiene products to perform deliveries safely when entering a customer’s home; this includes P2 face masks, alcohol-based hand sanitiser, alcohol based wipes and disposable gloves. Our staff will follow social distancing measures when entering the premises and will perform sanitised wipe-downs of all equipment delivered and any high touch points.

Record keeping – we utilise a location based App to manage our deliveries, meaning we maintain a detailed time-based record of all customer premises visited by our staff each day.