Work Well

Working Remotely & Working Safely

We are living in extraordinary times.

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly changed the way we work and communicate with each other as nations swiftly roll out sweeping measures to slow the spread of the virus. This brings new opportunities and new challenges for individuals and organisations, including working from home.

It's a great feeling to start your own business

To assist you and your staff our new services include:

  • We will collect a minimum of 20 and up to thousands of chairs from your existing business premises.
  • We will return it to our metro-warehouse where each chair will be sanitised, steam cleaned and given a service audit by one of our trained and certified technicians. The chair will be bagged ready for dispatch.
  • The chair will be itemised and uniquely identified and added to your staff chair inventory.
  • Each chair will be prepared to include original ergonomic set-up instructions and affixed with return/identity card and instructions.
  • Any issue relating to the chair discovered during the audit will be added to a detailed report for your facilities team.
  • We can distribute the sanitised chairs to your staff in two ways:
    • Based on your predetermined list of staff, we will contact them and advise of dispatch and delivery times.
    • You can allow staff to access a secure website where they can request a chair.
  • At any time you will be able to access which members of your team have chairs. We can set up an authorisation process with your facilities teams if required.
  • Fusion will have a record of where and when chairs have been dispatched using our in-house Orderworks system.
  • Return bookings can be made via the same website.
  • Upon receipt of the returned chair at Fusion IPL, we will again sanitise, steam clean the chair and re-bag.
  • We will return all chairs to the business in 20+ lots to their original floor.
  • Service offering can also include certain ‘flip’ meeting tables which are ideal for home office scenarios.
  • We are also able to offer an optional staff care-pack per chair on your behalf which comes in an attractive tote bag and contains hand sanitiser, a face mask, a roll of toilet paper and a cookie – all cohesively branded!